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Port Townsend Smell. The Smell is Poison Folks. At least that sure seems to be what it is. Do your homework then ask why Jefferson County and the State of Washington are KNOWINGLY poisoning Port Townsend Residents.

What is the Smell in Port Townsend? So many Google what is the smell in Port Townsend.

The Smell in Port Townsend is TOXIC, it will most likely make you SICK in visible and non-visible ways. The Smell in Port Townsend is BAD for ALL aspects of Healthy life in Port Townsend Washington.  The Port Townsend Paper Mill, ya that is the SMELL of MONEY, for the Mill, for the Doctors, and not for the best interest of the citizens of Jefferson County Washington.

Jefferson County Public Health

The Port Townsend Paper Mill REALLY is spewing out Toxins. Check the facts yourself, know what Jefferson County Washington and the State of Washington is allowing to happen to you, in the name of the alleged smell of MONEY.

The Smell in Port Townsend is the Port Townsend Paper Mill's Toxic Emmissions.

This Blog Post is written in my opinion and to the best of my knowledge.

The Port Townsend Paper Mill takes 14 million gallons of pristine Olympic Mountain water a day from the Little Quilcene River and the Big Quilcene River, and they pollute it, fill it with toxins and create yucky toxic water that they dump into the Port Townsend Bay.

They have a SLUDGE pond that creates toxic soil and huge toxic odor. When they remove sludge in trucks it goes to unknown sources and is said to be able to be used as fill for playgrounds, parks, agriculture and other and that the Port Townsend Paper Mill does not have to disclose what is in the SLUDGE as that is the alleged legal responsibility of the end user.

The toxic air, of which is said to contain 1000 lbs of ammonia a day and other known carcigens, this causes massive health problems that many cannot recover from and so they leave Jefferson County, Port Townsend. Their Doctor even tells them, hey your kids can't get better here, or you can't get better here and so they have to move from this alleged pristine area.

Jefferson County seems to love the Port Townsend Paper Mill as many say it's the smell of money. Which is shocking, as it's money for big corporation, for doctors healing lung cancer and other major health problems the mill cause and as for the workers, they don't seem to mind that this affecting their health as yes they are making a living, the thing is, at what cost?

The toxins that the mill puts out, seems to be a known fact, it seems that Jefferson County, the City of Port Townsend and Washington Department of Ecology simply looks the other way and keeps this toxic waste site (in my opinion) spewing air that is harming the health and public safety of the area ( in my opinion due to the ability to read). They seem to do this willfully and wanton, to protect the mill and the jobs that come with it.
The Washington Governor seems big on taxing companies that spew CO2, this mill spews tons daily and for now they seem to hve no conscience nor accountability held on them and are even self monitored.

The WA Governor recently called for an emergency drought on the Olympic Peninsula, oh well, who cares right?

The city of Port Townsend uses 1 million gallons a day for the needs of the people. The Port Townsend Paper Mill pollutes and wastes 14 million gallons a day with total disregard for the environment, or the people ( in my opinion).

The EPA seems to know what is coming out of the Port Townsend Paper and so does the Washington Department of Ecology, and they look the other way.

We have otters, whales, herons, and tons of sea life and wildlife here as well as lot's of organic farms, and well lot's of people that want and have a legal right as a matter of law to Clean Air and Clean Water.  Yet this issue is swept under the proverbial rug over and over.

It makes no sense how Jefferson County Washington can have Organic Farms when the air is polluted as far as the information I have seen.

Go out at night, with a flashlight, tons of yellow fine particles, YEP you come to Port Townsend, our beautiful amazing town and you breath Toxic Air, so does your children, your babies, elderly and guess what; the worst of the "what's that smell" in Port Townsend goes right into our hospital and schools; oh well the county, state and federal officials look the other way to create toxic jobs.

For More Information on your Google Search "What's that Smell In Port Townsend" Check Out the Links Below.

The Port Townse Smell is Port Townsend Paper Mill Emissions

Why is the Port Townsend Paper Mill ALLOWED by the City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County Washington to put KNOWN Toxins into the Air, Water and Soil?

The Port Townsend Paper Mill is MAKING YOU SICK, Lowering Your Immune System and causing you Serious Health Risks


Jefferson County Public Health Does NOTHING

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Port Townsend Paper Mill Toxic Air

Port Townsend Mill Facebook information

PT Airwatchers Facebook Page

PT Airwatchers Web Site

Massive Co2 YET County, State, EPA all do NOTHING but Protect the Mill

The Toxic Pond (this article was removed by the Port Townsend Leader, who I allege protects the Port Townsend Mill to Knowingly Poison the Port Townsend People

Background about the Smell in Port Townsend

The Air Makes Some Dizzy, Check Out this guy
What Does it Smell Like in Port Townsend and Port Hadlock / Irondale?:

I myself stayed at the Manresa Castle for a while and woke up some nights seizing in my chest. Felt like my organs were shutting down, throat badly swollen. Sinuses burning badly.  Stomach Cramping, Eyes Swollen. Horrible inner ear pain.

I have lived rural here as well and had burning eyes, ear pain and other symptoms. So why stay? The thing is Port Townsend is such a cool town, and it's so beautiful here. The people are so amazing and well I love it here. Plus for me it is a Spiritual Calling.  However, whether we choose to stay or leave the smell and toxic air of Port Townsend or not, the Port Townsend Paper Mill is seemingly breaking the law and causing a public safety issue and environmental hazard and it's time to STOP.

I know many who have had to leave to get their children to safe air. This is a serious issue and seems to be something that Jefferson County is either unable or unwilling to tackle.  Clearly the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act as well as our constitutional rights should trump the alleged "Smell of Money" YAP they use to keep poising the Port Townsend Bay, Port Townsend Air, Whales, Otters, Babies, those in the local hospital, fish and wildlife, organic farms and all of us citizens who SHOULD have the legal rights to Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Soil.

A Few More Research Links

What is that Horrible Smell in Port Townsend ?

What is that Smell in Port Townsend?

Who to Call to Complain

Call the County,  Call the Mayor, Call your Commissioners, Call the State Department of Ecology, Call your Senator, Call the Governors Office, File Lawsuits, File Attorney General Complaints.  I believe the Port Townsend Paper Mill is breaking the LAW. Expose them, Sue them.

Also Call These Numbers to Complain

Stephanie Ogle, PE
W2R - Industrial Section

Angie Fritz

Mill Phone Number: 360-379-4244

Complaints re Port Townsend Paper Corp stink
Email anfr461@ECY.WA.GOV


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