Thursday, December 11, 2014

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox says SUE the State of Washington Department of Ecology, Mineral Technologies, Port Townsend Paper, and Jefferson County Public Health for Deliberately, Knowingly, Willfully Polluting your Air, Water and Soil.

If you want to SUE the Port Townsend Paper Mill for polluting your air and water, here are a few Pro Se Tips. You don't need an attorney. This is NOT legal advice, it is simply research material and a place to start.

In my opinion you can sue in Federal court right away, NOT State Court. You can File in Olympia and you can also file or instead of in say New York where the mill owner, I believe is, Mineral Technologies.

In my research and opinion, you do not need a lawyer to file a civil lawsuit. 

The forms you will need, in my opinion and experience are a Civil Cover Sheet, the Actual Complaint, a Motion to File in Forma Pauperis (as a poor person for Free), a Motion requesting electronic access and possible the form to waive summons, you may have to pay to serve the defendants.

Below are some ideas and research links to give you a direction to head to SUE Mineral Technologies and the State of Washington for Poisoning you.

First Of All who are possible Defendants:

In my opinion that would be:

Dale Stahl and Roger Hagan Personally and Professionally.

Mineral Technologies Inc.

AMCOL, and all board of directors personally and professionally

PT Holdings Company, Inc.

Who is the Mill's Liability Insurance Carrier?
(Name Them too, in my opinion)

USDA, Forest Service
(Quilcene River Obligations and Liability)

Jefferson County Health Department

WA Dept. of Ecology

State of Washington Water Pollution Control

Washington State Department of Ecology



Jefferson County Public Health

Jefferson County

City of Port Townsend

The Civil Cover Sheet

You have to have a Civil Cover Sheet, here are a few

A Civil Cover sheet gives a case overview

District of Washington Civil Cover

Motion to Move Forward in Forma Pauperis

a Few Examples

The Actual Complaint will need to name parties, defendants and cause of action.

Here are some Cause of Action Ideas, Just Ideas in my Opinion

18:1964, Racketeering (RICO) Act

Duty of Care; Breach of Duty

Negligence Tort, Professional Negligence

Civil Rights Violation
Federal Water Pollution Control Act

Clean Water Act

Clean Air Act

Bill of RIghts

Environmental Quality Act

the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)

the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966),

the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (1966)

State Constitutional Violations, US and WA

Personal Injury (affecting your health)

a bit more on Laws that may apply

Complaint Examples

Also Research and Consider a Qui Tam, Whistleblower Lawsuit, in my Opinion

How to File a Lawsuit without a Lawyer

Where is your case, for example if your case is in Washington State then you file your Civil Lawsuit in Olympia or Seattle

District of Washington Court Website

Local Rules

Forms and Manuals (Civil and Criminal)

Civil Case Opening Guidance, State of Washington

You will Need the Following in my Opinion; This is NOT legal advice just online research from a citizen with Pro Se experience.

* Civil Cover Sheet

* A motion filing "In Forma Pauperis"

* A motion asking the court for electronic service so you can file online like attorneys do. If they say no then you will have to mail motions.

* The actual Complaint

Where to Mail your Complaint and accompany documents, in my opinion

US District Court
700 Stewart Street, Seattle, WA 98101
Phone:(206) 370-8400

You have to have a Civil Cover Sheet, here are a few

A Civil Cover sheet gives a case overview

District of Washington Civil Cover

District of Washington 

Guide on entering party names

Preparing for Day in Court, King County

Representing Yourself Washington State

Tips and Information

Some Pro Se Guides and Tips from Various Places

northern district of california pro se handbook

Pro Se Handbook

NY Manual for Pro Se Litigants

Pro Se Resources by State

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