Monday, December 1, 2014

"Electronic Warfare in Olympic Peninsula: comments due November 28th (extended)" Electromagnetic War Games conducted by the US military on public lands and at great detriment to human, animal and plant life.

"This rugged, beautiful Washington Coast and the rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula will soon be the site of Electromagnetic War Games conducted by the US military… unless we speak up and demand otherwise.

To All Concerned,
Unfortunately I didn’t learn about this terrifying Navy project until today. The deadline for public comment is October 31, 2014extended to November 28th. You may submit comments [or demand, or Notices of Liability, etc]about the plan to the US Forest Service here:
I urge you to send a comment, however brief, before the deadline.
Briefly, the Navy is proposing to turn a large part of Washington’s magnificent Olympic Peninsula, as well as a portion of northeastern Washington, into Electronic Warfare training ranges. A giant antenna resembling a house-sized golfball will be installed at the Naval Station at Moclips, just outside the Quinault Indian Reservation on the Olympic Peninsula. According to the data in the Environmental Assessment, I calculate that it will have an effective power of 5 million watts. It will be capable of sending 64 simultaneous beams at frequencies of between 2 and 18 GHz. The golfball will only be 40 feet off the ground.
protectthepeninsulaIn addition, three mobile, truck-mounted antennas will be moved around between 15 different sites in the Olympic National Forest, and three more mobile antennas will operate from 8 different locations in the Okanagan and Colville National Forests in northeastern Washington. They will each have a power of 100,000 watts, and will be in use 260 days a year, 8 to 16 hours a day. The city of Forks will be directly in the line of fire, right between three of these locations and the Pacific Ocean. The locations in the Colville National Forest are next to the Colville Indian Reservation, about 70 miles northwest of Spokane, and one is only 3 miles from the city of Oroville.
In addition, UHF transmitters will be added to an existing tower on Octopus Mountain in the Olympic Peninsula for communication with aircraft and ships.
Needless to say, the peace of the Olympic Peninsula will be destroyed forever. The radiation in both locations will impact predominantly native Americans.
Arthur Firstenberg,


In addition to extending the comment period, the City of Port Angeles is hosting Navy and US Forest staff for a question and answer session on Thursday, November 6th from 6-8pm in Port Angeles, WA.  The location for this event is the City Council Chambers, located at 321 East Fifth Street, Port Angeles, WA.
Those wishing to provide input and have standing (eligibility) during the future Objection period for this project can be submitted to the project website,, and click on the “Comment on Project” link on the right side. If you have any questions regarding the details of this proposal or have comments, please contact Greg Wahl at (360) 956-2375.
1) Demand an immediate halt to all plans for Electromagnetic Warfare in the Olympic Peninsula:
4) Continue outreach past all “deadlines”, enforcing accountability and liability.


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