Monday, December 1, 2014

Reta Laford is a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Expert. The perfect person to ensure that the Olympic Peninsula via the Olympic National Forest will have no rights. She is an expert and this will ensure that what the Forest Service wants to do here they will.

 So ya you can go to those mandatory yet useless comment meetings, but NEPA experts will do as they please. Listening to public comment (yammer) is only to simply say that they did. The NAVY will do as they please via the US Forest Service. The Forest Service will allow water ways to be filled with toxin before they hit the sea as in the Little Quilcene River filled with toxins by the Port Townsend Paper mill and the state authorities look the other way.

The EPA know toxins fill the air, water and soil from the Port Townsend Paper mill but they do nothing. They keep people at odds fighting for jobs and other smoke screens not based in fact. Meanwhile PT paper rakes in massive money and people have to leave due to kids and teens and even adults in the home that cannot take the toxin load.

Lot's more on the Little Quilcene River, Olympic National Forest Issues in the water rights and headway of this matter and the Port Townsend Paper coming soon. Meanwhile, check out

The point, NEPA is key. The supervisor of the Olympic National Forest is the best or one of the best NEPA experts in the nation. To me this means Mother Earth LOSES.

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